Hi folks – the blog intro post

This is my first post. After having brought a difficult decision on which blog platform to use, I have chosen to install the WordPress on my domain. I must say that the people from Google’s Blogger are great and I’ll probably never know if my decision was really right.

My vision is to provide here 3 different categories of blog posts:

  1. Posts in English about leadership, sales and marketing (mostly on CRM)
  2. Posts in Croatian language about same as above + some thoughts about how to make my country better
  3. My articles, published in different Croatian business magazines. Translated here in English (I’ll post as translated one by one – the first one right after this post)

In addition there will be a separate page with my academic work. I plan to provide this work in English and Croatian (I’ll probably need a sponsor for translation :-))

You can follow me on Twitter (search agojceta, untill I install a widget on this web site).