Alen Gojčeta

Consultant & IO Psychology researcher
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Does your business needs a push?

On this page I present my skills and competences that you might find indispensable for your business transformation or your project.

I’m an entrepreneur with Predikt.HR, a project leveraging behavioral and data science in improving organizational outcomes, but I’m also open to take consultative engagements and serve as part-time interim manager.

At Predikt.HR we value different experiences and activities that will not allow us getting into a comfort zone, therefore I can afford to share my expertise and grow my experiences out of Predikt.HR, and my actual doctoral study in psychology. I’m very happy to take engagements in the areas where my experiences and competences shine. I’m motivated by working with challenging situations, improving businesses and creating new values, locally and internationally.

Years in business management, studying, research and trainings gave me the competences, experience and self-confidence to bring value in business strategy & business design (business model, go to market strategy, digital transformation, product strategy, CRM), custom contracting (complex partner relationship, large ICT projects, M&A), Human Resources Management (selection systems based on job analysis, definition of selection predictors, design of selection interviews, objective performance indicators, appraisal systems, incentives and competence models). 

Of course, data science and use of behavioral science is my first career choice, so if you want to improve your sales, telesales, contact center KPIs, start an AI initiative, improve user engagement on your mobile game and increase their spending, I’ll be happy to engage together with my Predikt.HR colleagues.

Feel free to contact me to Alen@Predikt.HR.